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Israel and the Palestinians

By Watchman | July 2, 2009

     I just read over my last post dealing with the eternal covenant between God and Israel, and I spotted something in desperate need of elucidation:  That is, the basic difference between Arabs co-existing peaceably with the Israelis and those dedicated to the ideals of the parties of Hizbollah and Hamas. 

     Both Hizbollah and Hamas qualify as terrorist organizations:  their main purpose for existance at this point in time is to see to the destruction of the Jewish nation of Israel.  All of their energy and finances go not to the people of their own houses and tribes but to the eventual triumph over Israel.  However, I feel the need to point out that not all who consider themselves to be Palestinians or who are Muslim Arabs living in Israel dislike or are unable to live in harmony with the Jews. 

     One recent poll of Arabs living in Israel showed that a clear majority of them would prefer to stay under Israeli sovereignty .  As they are allowed seats and a voice in the government they are under no hardship and enjoy a much higher standard of living than they might under other rule.  A Messianic Jewish acquaintance of mine, living now in Israel, talks of the kindness of her Muslim/Arab doctor and her affection for the young Arab woman who works for her.  These  stories are not, I suspect, the exception but the rule. 

     God puts within all people a place that knows Him and is capable of responding to His love.  This place within is increasingly being denied or ignored by a growing number of people. Nevertheless, few people are so immersed in evil that they are incapable of ever hearing the voice of the Lord in their hearts.  It is for these people that we must be in prayer.  Think of all the worshippers of false gods who mean well but have no knowledge of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus!  So many misled and heeding the seductive message of the evil one!  Please be in prayer for all of those who deal with the nation of Israel:  that those who are willing to live in peace with her will hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and be saved, and that those who plot for her demise will have a change or heart and spirit and turn from their evil ways and glorify our Father in heaven.  Pray for the safety of Israel as she endures the turmoil of these last days, and for the eyes of the wife of Jehovah to be opened to see their true Messiah.



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