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Let Loving Hearts Enthrone Him

By Watchman | December 17, 2009

So bring Him incense, gold, and myrrh; come peasant, king to own Him;

The King of Kings salvation brings; Let loving hearts enthrone Him.–“What Child is This”

     Satan knew since the time written of in Genesis 3 (“I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; it shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel”) that a child would one day be born of a woman who would bring about the deliverance of God’s people.  It was his demonic desire all along to kill the Son of the Most High–this determination of his was apparent in Herod’s determination to kill all children two years old and younger in order to slay the coming king who posed, he believed, a threat to his future rule (Matthew 2:16).  It was in the serpent’s message to “if You are the Son of God, cast Yourself down” from the pinnacle of the temple (Luke 4).  Satan’s influence was in the crowd in the synagogue in Nazareth (Luke 4:29) that sought to kill Jesus by casting Him off the side of a hill. 

     What Satan could not know, since God the Father kept the plan of redemption secret from the beginning of time, was the effect of the atoning Blood of the Lamb of God.  Jesus (Who’s Hebrew name was Yeshua) was born in a stable in Bethlehem in accordance with the Old Testament prophecies.  He was the Light of the world; Love come down in human form–and He came to die.  Every breath He breathed, every step He took, every word He preached and every person whose life He touched led the Messiah Yeshua to the cross.  It was His destiny and His divine will. 

     This year, the date on which we choose to celebrate His remarkable incarnation–the birth of Christ; God becoming man to live amongst us and provide us with a pure and holy sacrifice by which we may achieve salvation–will be celebrated by many by trying to find the best gifts money can buy for their friends and family (whether they can afford to or not), with office parties considered successful if there is enough liquor provided to assure a harrowing and dangerous drive home, and by diligently working to see that Christ is not invited to the Christmas revels.  A sadder commentary on our times is the fact that in many Christian households, there will be little to differentiate them from the homes of the unbelievers.  With the economy in a tailspin and the secular desire for tangible possessions at almost hysterically obsessive levels, many Christians are being lured away from the season’s true meaning by the frantic spirit of greed which is beginning to characterize this most blessed of days. Satan has not been able to put a stop to Christmas, but he and his minions have surely found ways to try to change the focus of the holiday!  As believers in the Most High God, we must do our best to see that Christ is invited to our homes and our celebrations to honor His birthday.  Though the world and the flesh may seem to be taking over, remember that God is in control of all things and adore Him accordingly!

     My son pointed out to me at the beginning of the season that the first mention we had on TV of the celebration of the coming of Christ was an ad for Christmas lottery tickets.  This was closely followed by “Black Friday,” a supposed indicator of how “good” our Christmas will be.   Children of God, there is no such thing as a “bad” Christmas!  Christmas, like God Himself, cannot be bad because its nature cannot change.  It is the day we celebrate the birth of Christ, and no administration, no economic downturn and no cheesy secular decorations can change that!  If (when?) the time comes that we are not allowed to proclaim Christ in public at all, it still will be a “good” and blessed day for those who hold Jesus enthroned in their hearts!  Christmas will still be Christmas, whether or not there are gifts and feasts and access to 5th generation Ipods. 

     How did Christmas become a time of giving gifts to each other? The origin of Christmas presents is traced back to the fourth century saint Nicholas of Bari who was known for his secret gifts of alms and help to those in need.  We continue in this tradition as a reminder to ourselves and others of the wonderful  Gift that was given to us by God in the form of a baby lying in a manger who grew up to give us the greatest gift of all–eternal life in the Father.  Jesus loved us so much that He gave His all–all of His healing, all of His comfort, His presence and every drop of His precious spilled Blood–that we might be saved.  He is King of kings and Lord of lords, and this is what we treasure about Christmas Day:  that we may acknowledge and worship the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world!  Yes, let loving hearts enthrone Him:  now and forever more! 

Joy to the World!  For the Lord has come, and is coming again to claim His own!

Merry Christmas and maranatha!


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