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Is Love Growing Cold?

By Watchman | September 18, 2013

And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.  But he who endures to the end shall be saved. (Matthew 24:12-13)

     Amongst prophecy scholars, much has been written about blood moons, signs in the heavens and on the earth, wars and rumors of wars, the warnings of God in our changing weather patterns.  We are undoubtedly living in the age in which evil is considered good and good evil; when many “put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” (Isaiah 5: 20)  We see this on every news broadcast, in every segment of society, and from the decisions made by our own government and applauded by a majority of our nation.  I think Jesus’ words in Matthew, however, may be the ultimate sign that the end of the age is near.  For years, those of us who believe we are living in the end of days have watched as Biblical end-time prophecies have come to pass till there is little left that must take place before the return of the Lord: certain wars and the rise of antichrist are still to come.  We are now experiencing love growing cold, and I believe that it is this that will bring on the chaos yet to come.

     In what ways are these perversions of love being manifested?  The answers are manifold, but I will present a few of the most common…and the most dangerous:

1.     The love of the church (i.e. the body of Christ) for the word of God is being diminished by the desire to be all things to all people.  Too many churches and, indeed, too many Christians are more interested in proving publicly that they are open-minded and all-inclusive than they are in proving the true love of God as evidenced in Scripture.  According to His word, the laws that God laid down were for our good and to His own glory, and we ignore them at the risk of being in rebellion against Him.  Many churches believe that we cannot offend those living outside of the will of God and so commit the sin of not introducing the unbelievers or the pagans to the only path of righteousness in Jesus.   Although I rarely like to point the finger at any particular minister or church, I have lately been appalled at the decision of the new pope of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, to announce that some unbelievers may be saved by just “following their consciences” rather than by belief in God, and also at some of the churches which are trying to find “common ground” between Christians and Jews and those who follow Islam.  The most important contention seems to be that “we all worship one God.”  That may be true, but I must point out that we do NOT worship the SAME God!  God clearly indicates to us in Scripture that we are not to partner with those who follow Satan; and make no mistake:  those who follow a false religion are following the enemy of God! Some are publicly condemning Israel–and thereby God’s chosen people–in order to show sympathy to those following the false religion of Islam, and are incurring the wrath of God in their rejection of the role He has laid down for us to be a blessing to that nation.  Too many are following the demonic new-age teaching of “there are many paths to God,” and so condemning untold thousands–maybe millions– to an eternal death all because they choose not to seem narrow-minded and so will not preach the truth that all men must hear. That, my dear brothers and sisters, is not love.  Love seeks to stop pain and depravity and damnation and to shed light into all the dark places of our hearts.

2     Racial and ethnic conflicts are causing hatred now where little existed even a few years ago.  There have always been people who disliked others because of their ethnicity; as my mother once told me, there will always be someone who can find an excuse not to like you.  Most countries have at one time or another had some sort of conflict based on race or ideology or differences in customs and traditions, but we are experiencing an upsurge of racial conflict in the world today which is worse than any I’ve seen in my lifetime. Islamic extremists are persecuting Christians in countries throughout the Middle East and even condemning other Muslims who do not follow the path of Jihad, and the rise of antisemitism around the globe is at its highest point since the holocaust.  Here in the US, there has been a massive break between the black and white communities that has reached a head since the Martin/Zimmerman case that began a little over a year ago with the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman who claimed he shot in self defense.  We can never be sure of what exactly happened that night, but we can certainly see the evil consequences.  Fed by a media that thrives on controversy, anger and pain and abetted by those same media sources that will not report these actions since they would deem such articles as “racist”; condoned by a governmental administration with its own agenda to fulfill, angry young black mobs have been attacking white people in many cities in retaliation for what they see as white supremacy.  There have been murders committed in Trayvon Martin’s name, beatings, rapes and a growing number of “flash mob” robberies.  Whites have not neglected to pass these stories around endlessly on the internet.  No real attempt has been made by Christians to reduce the growing hatred and violence on either side; most have simply chosen up sides.  Racism in any form is wrong, whether it is between blacks and whites, blacks and Hispanics, whites and Hispanics, whatever.  However, we cannot continue to condemn what is happening without trying to address the problem from a Godly standpoint.  Making ourselves angrier and angrier and creating an even greater divide between the races will do nothing but harden and burden our hearts.  No matter what race we belong to, we need to remember that all people are creations of the most high God.  I’ll be dealing with this issue at greater length in a later post since we need to decide how to react to all that is going on.

3.     Family relationships are dying.       No nation can survive when the family dynamic breaks up, and most developed nations are experiencing this.  The causes in nearly every nation are the same.  The easy access of divorce led to couples separating who, fifty years ago, would have worked harder to keep their marriage afloat.  It was President Ronald Reagan who signed into law the “no-fault divorce” in the US, and he later said it was the one decision he made that he wished he could retract.  Divorce became so easy and so common that we have forgotten that love is a choice we make.  We decide who to love and when to stop loving.  Adultery is one of the results of the “you can’t help who you love” philosophy.  Not only can you choose to not love someone other than your spouse, but you can choose faithfulness over treachery; we are living in an age which has determined that we cannot help ourselves when it comes to feelings.  Witness the families that that attitude has destroyed.  The prevalence of abortion has inculcated in us the unacknowledged belief that blood kinship carries little obligation.  Paul tells us in the third chapter of Timothy that in the last days people would be “without natural affection.”  What could more indicative of the truth of his words than abortion, the killing in the womb of one’s own child–surely the most natural of affections?  He also points out that people would be “lovers of themselves…disobedient to parents..”  All is becoming selfishness; love turned inward instead of outward.  Children, many raised in broken homes or in homes where a father never existed for them at all, are all too rarely being taught the laws of God and the loving of their neighbors.  So many mothers choosing their careers or their relationships over their children’s well being, and so many fathers choosing their sexual freedom and independence over their duties to their children!  Love indeed is growing cold.

4.    Christians in the west are so busy fighting for their rights that they are forgetting to love.  It is quite true that Christians are having to fight for their right to freedom of religion.  If we lose that right, (and the courts are increasingly inclined to rule that a Christian’s freedom of religion must be secondary to the rights of Muslims, homosexuals, atheists, etc.) then our chances of bringing the lost into God’s kingdom will be lost as well.  We are more and more frequently put into the position of choosing whether we will follow God’s law or the administration’s.  We must always choose to stand on the word of God and preach the Gospel of the risen Jesus, no matter what comes against us.  As we do this, though, we need to remember to be on our knees constantly in prayer for those who are working against us.  We are to pray that the word of God prevails, but also that the Holy Spirit touches the hearts and minds of those who have constituted themselves as our enemies.  In short, we are to love them: the kind of love that would pull a friend out of the way of an oncoming bus, or a loved one from the flames of a house fire.  When reading most articles about the growing suppression of Christianity in the western nations, often written by ministers or acknowledged people of God, I have noticed a trend away from calling for Christians to pray for the salvation of those who are our enemies.  Please take note, my dear friends:  if we cannot show the love of God to one another; if we cannot call the unsaved to repentance and salvation; if we insist on condemning our fellow Christians loudly for unimportant differences in modes of worship, then we can do no good for the kingdom of God.  He calls us to righteousness and to the carrying out of the Great Commission: to make disciples of all men, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  He calls us to obey Him and to stand up for the holiness of God, and He calls us to love.  It is an unfortunate truth that sometimes we are so busy fighting for God that they lose sight of God Himself.

     Yes, love is growing cold:  love for our families, other Christians, even for God Himself.  We can see it in the faces of people we pass on the street,  in the dead, empty eyes of those who are committing heinous crimes, in the blasphemy frequently displayed on our TV sets and in our homes.  Do you feel it in your heart?  If you do, Jesus stands ready to revive your love with an outpouring of grace if you will only ask Him for it.  I am doing so now, and I pray that each of you does the same.


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One Response to “Is Love Growing Cold?”

  1. Shirley Says:
    September 19th, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    Well said, good and faithful servant of the Most High God! You have sounded a warning, as The Watchman on The Wall, which covers many topics. Most of us don’t realize these problems all point to the lack of love. This needed to be said and you have done so with God’s anointing…which is very apparent. Thank you. May God richly reward you, according to Christ’s riches in Glory!