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Separating Scriptural Fact From Man’s Fiction–Part 2

By Watchman | July 3, 2008

In my last post, I told of the “bad news” concerning how wrongly many people who have not yet accepted the grace of God through Jesus the Messiah view Christ.  Now comes the Gospel:  the Good News!


  1. Jesus is the only begotten Son of the most high God; begotten by the Father BEFORE the world began.  His physical, human birth took place just over two thousand years ago, but His existence began before the Creation.  Genesis 1:26 states, “Then God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…’ ”  He was present at the time of creation, and the world was made by and for Him.  God is not Queen Victoria; this is not a royal “We”, but a reference to the triune nature of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Jesus is not just “a good teacher” or someone “sent to show us how to live,” as I have often heard.  Jesus called Himself “He who came down from heaven” and “the living bread which came down from heaven.”  He said of Himself in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”  Since Jesus called Himself the only begotten Son, He either is who He said He is, or He is a liar, charlatan and cheat.  There is no possibility for an in-between.  He IS the Son of God.
  2. Jesus loves you.  He loves you so much that He died a  tortuous, ignominious death on a Roman cross to pay for your sins, to be the perfect sacrificial Lamb for all those who call upon His Name.  His greatest desire is that you should come to Him and be saved.  No matter what you’ve done, Jesus continues to knock at the door of your heart and to offer you sanctuary in His kingdom.                           
  3. If we repent of our sins, Jesus will wash away our sins by the power of His shed Blood and allow us to stand righteous and clean before the Father.  We can’t do this for ourselves.  We can’t work hard enough or be good enough or do enough good deeds.  Only accepting the sacrifice of the Blood of the Lamb will make us new.  This is His free gift of grace to us–unearned, unwarranted.  Free, but by no means cheap!
  4. Jesus will refresh your spirit, renew your life, and deliver you from bondage.  Paul writes in Romans 5 that sin shall no longer have dominion over us.  Being born again means leaving guilt and sin-sickness behind.  It means exchanging uncertainty for the surety of life everlasting and replaces chaos with a peace that passes all understanding, anger with forgiveness and fear with tranquility.
  5. God knows every thought you have had, everything you have ever done and sees every sin; but He wants you to repent and be saved anyway.  He has a perfect plan for your life.  Even if you have ignored His original perfect plan, He has another waiting for you.  We have ALL sinned and come short of the glory of God.  No matter that your sins seem unforgivable.  So were mine.  Still, He calls us continually to His side!
  6.  Satan may have come to steal, kill and to destroy, but Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly.  Jesus wants to enrich and prosper us in every area of our lives.  Satan may seem bigger and more powerful than we are, but greater is He who is in me than he who is in and of this world!  If we are in Christ, we have authority in His Name to overcome any evil, any wile of the devil, or any principality that comes against us!  God knows the number of the hairs on your head.  Surely, the God Who knows this can surely put food on your table tomorrow night and lead you in the right direction to find the job you need to get back on your feet.  While you were still in the womb, God knew you and called you by name.  If He could do this, He can heal your body, restore your marriage, redeem your children!

Who is worthy to receive these gifts from an almighty God?  Nobody.  Who did Jesus think worth dying for?  Everybody! 

Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?  Did you love Him at one time, but the cares of this world came between you and your first love?  It is time to decide whose side you are on.  You cannot continue to straddle the fence.  If you are His, live your life accordingly.  If you think you may not be His, give your heart and life to Him now and see the difference He makes in your life, and receive joy and life everlasting!

Jesus Christ–the same yesterday, today and forever!

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